Ruby Frost

After almost 3 years of working on this book the day has finally arrived. Ruby Frost (book #4) of The Frost Series is finally out in print and as an ebook. I really hope people enjoy Bianca’s latest adventure into Everafter.



Bianca Frost is back in Everafter for another spellbinding adventure!

To defeat Baba Yaga she has to train with all four Fairy Queens; Titania, Mab, Eirwyn, and Blodeuwedd. The old crone is determined to steal Rose and David Frost’s baby so that Baba Yaga can train her in the dark arts and destroy good magic once and for all. Bianca, Ming, Maggie, Terrance, and Prince Ferdinand have to use all of their wits and resources in order to defeat this powerful, evil witch.

But at what cost?


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Musa Publishing is Closing Their Doors….

So…it’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that my publisher Musa Publishing (and the incredible, amazing, dedicated, talented people that I had the honor and privilege alongside of) will be closing their doors. I am devastated by this bit of news because I loved every moment I worked with them, Kelly Shorten, Kerry Mand, Jeanne De Vita, Dominique Eastwick, Celina Summers and every author that met through them. I know we’ll all be okay but I will miss working with you. Sigh. I learned so much about writing, editing and promotion with Musa Publishing and I know that I will carry these lessons with me forever. With that having been said, please go to the Musa website  and check out the sale they are having. All of their books have been marked down to 80% off please help Musa go out with a BANG!

There are Musa authors that have been nominated for awards. Please show your support one last time and VOTE for their books!!

Saving Hope by Liese Sherwood-Fabre…/

Where the Wildflowers Grow by Vera Jane Cook

First Frost by (yours truly) Liz DeJesus

Thank you to our friends, family and especially the fans that took a chance on our books. For reading, and loving the characters that we created and love so much. Without your support we couldn’t do what we all do, which is write and tell stories.

❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you…