Hi everyone! OMG It has been a while since I have actually blogged and let you know what I’m up to. Well…the truth is that I have been a busy bee. 🙂

Am I still writing? Hell yeah! I’m currently juggling several books.

Mugshots (sadly still in first draft mode), but I promise you it’s gonna be an amazingly fun and naughty book. Fairy tale princesses doing bad stuff that land them in jail. Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Pros and Cons of Being a Teenage Fairy. It’s a middle grade/young adult book about a young girl that gets fairy wings on her birthday. It’s all about how she navigates her life now that it’s infused with magic and magical creatures.

The Gargoyle’s Heart. A work in progress that I just started tinkering with. Still don’t know if it’s a novel or a short story but I’m enjoying where it’s going. It’s a paranormal romance about a young woman and a gargoyle.

Ruby Frost. Don’t worry folks. I haven’t forgotten my favorite witch Bianca Frost. She’s back and in more trouble than ever before. This time she teams up with all four fairy queens to face a dangerous foe; Baba Yaga. She has to do everything possible to stop Baba Yaga from stealing her unborn baby sibling.

Outside of writing what else am I up to? Planning events, the Hockessin Art and Book Fair (my brain child) and I’m teaming up with the Art Studio and putting together an anime and manga event (a mini con) titled Anime Day.

I’m also translating some of my novels into Spanish and working with another author and translating some of her works into Spanish (waiting for her to make the official announcement).

I also have a lot of events lined up at different conventions, libraries and festivals. So yeah…I’m keeping myself busy.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out my website http://www.lizdejesus.com if you wanna find out more about my events and books. 😀





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