Faerie Con East

So for the past 6 months or so (although it feels a lot longer than that) my friend Elizabeth Kolodziej and I have been getting ready for Faerie Con East. I have been wanting to go for YEARS and I finally got the chance to be a vendor. It was expensive, between the table space and the hotel it definitely burned a hole into my budget (which is why I’m going to take a break from conventions and other events for a while) but it was definitely worth the trip. Got a chance to make some amazing friends and got a little bit of magic added to my weekend. So many beautiful costumes and incredibly talented people were there.

I also brought my dearest friend Kristen (aka Megumi Kitten) with me and she did some incredible artwork while we were there.

Got a chance to listen to a little music at the masquerade ball (yes! I got to go to a ball!). Didn’t stay long because Elizabeth and I were so TIRED. But at least we saw everyone dressed up and listened to SJ Tucker (who was amazing by the way). Saw a small parade of Green Men (they gave me an acorn). Green for Health and Green for Wealth. Definitely hanging on to my acorn and taking it with me everywhere.

Sold a bunch of copies of First Frost and Glass Frost which was awesome. 🙂 But I am so happy to be home. I missed my husband, my kids and my house. I don’t sleep well in hotels or strange places. Basically, the only place I can fall asleep is my own bed. LOL

Anyway here are some pictures I took at Faerie Con East!



3 comments on “Faerie Con East

  1. Looks like you had a great time. I was told recently that I should start going to some conventions to get my name out there and network and sell my stuff, but I just don’t have the budget (or enough of my work yet) to do it. Hopefully it’ll happen, though. Love the pics, especially the Steampunk Green Lantern!

    • Yeah, it was fun and exhausting at the same time. LOL It was all visually stunning and definitely helped refuel my imagination and I’ve been writing nonstop all day today so that was definitely worth the trip.

      I would look into doing a few book signings at your local bookstore and take baby steps into doing that. Ask some of your friends if they know of anyone putting together a convention. Go to libraries and comic book stores and ask. That’s how I do it. Google book fairs in your state. Some will give you a table for free. You do have to have a budget to cover gas, food, ordering copies of your book and at the very least get some business cards and postcards made. Go to vistaprint.com they are very cheap.

      Practice your pitch (know what your book is about in case someone asks), smile and greet people. Be yourself and you’ll be fine. Let me know how it goes!

      • Thanks for the tips! It was actually the manager of our favorite comic book store in the area who told me I should put myself out there. They know us pretty well there and they keep us in the loop as to goings on in the area. I’m actually in a pretty good area because I’m a stone’s throw from Dayton and well within driving distance of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, so I can gradually expand my radius of influence. I think I’ll make going to a couple of local book fairs and/or cons my goal for next year, just to try it out. Plus, I’ll have more work to put out there then.

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