Iris Woodbury

If you’re anything like me and you love all things Greek, then mark your diaries for November 28th 2014 because a good one’s a-coming.  Strap on your big boy Achilles underpants because Liz Dejesus is preparing to do battle with the Gods in the arena of mythological love. So, let me stir the dais on Mount Olympus and show you a glimpse of the past in our future, here on earth…


In The Laurel, the gods and the immortals interplay, and both will learn a valuable lesson about love and life, a lesson that will forever be told. Zeus, after bedding and impregnating the fair Titaness Leto, becomes father to twins: Apollo and Artemis. Unlike his other “bastard” children, Apollo and Artemis are made into gods, an event which will set the course for the rest of the story. Artemis has never forgotten the heartache that her mother suffered at the hands…

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