My latest book has finally been released…or at least re-released since I got the rights back a while ago. The wonderful staff at Indie Gypsy quickly accepted it and gave it a stunning cover.

And the book isn’t officially released until the 21st but they decided to release it a little earlier than expected and look at the surprise that I got today. Morgan debuted at #9 in the Gay & Lesbian Horror Novels Category on Amazon Kindle!!! 😀 And right now it’s sitting pretty at #5. I’m like :O…is this really happening to me? LOL Talk about hit the ground running huh? 😀 😀 *happy dance*


In an instant, Detective Morgan Carbone’s life changes from day to night. Sociopath, serial killer and charmer, David McAllister won’t reveal where the bodies of several young women are located but Morgan is determined to get answers. She gets more than she bargained for when during an interrogation he attacks her by sinking his teeth into her hand. Though the wound heals quickly and perfectly, it leaves her with an insatiable bloodlust as she has now turned into a werewolf like her serial killer nemesis. With her world no longer as she knew it, she is propelled into a dramatic, action-packed journey that includes being forced to leave the country to kill an ancient vampiress. However, when Morgan sees her intended target, she finds that not only does the woman remind her of her one true love whom she lost years before, but she is falling for her as hard as she did with her former lover. Now Morgan must decided whether to complete her mission or risk her own life by giving in to her heart’s desire.

Pick up your copy today!

morgan amazon


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