Tools of the trade…

So I bought myself an iPad mini. I found a next-to-new one at 2nd and Charles (my new favorite store). So I’ve been tinkering with it (having way too much fun) and I’m looking for apps, specifically writing apps. I just wanna see if I can find something that will boost creativity, productivity or something that will ADD a little extra something to my writing.

So here is a list of some fun apps I found on the app store. 🙂

A Novel Idea (haven’t tinkered with this one much so I have no clue what it does. A few friends suggested it and I downloaded)

Writer Lists

WorkLog LT (This one has a timer to show you how long you’ve worked on a specific project).

Coffitivity (this one was fun! It plays the sound of a coffee shop so you can be home writing and still feel as if you were out in a coffee shop. I dunno, I thought it was cute)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dictionary (this one gives you a word of the day)

What are some of your favorite apps for android or iPad?


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