Zombie Ever After Sneak Peek

Zombie Ever After Sneak Peek

A quest for eternal youth unleashed a zombie apocalypse and nearly destroyed the human race. Now, in the year 2113, Neve Blanche was living the perfect life until her beloved father caught the virus and turned her world upside down. ‘Happily Ever After’ just got a lot bloodier…


How To Annoy A Literary Agent

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarThis past weekend, at a writer’s conference, I attended an agents panel. The moderator asked a laundry list of questions, including one about pet peeves. I won’t name names because I think these comments are fairly universal. The agents were a little reluctant, at first, to share what bugs them when writers send queries, but eventually they warmed up to the topic. The comments were made in the spirit of helping writers appear professional and save everyone time, so read them in that spirit of useful advice.

Are you guilty of any of these unprofessional, uncouth, or unwise acts?

1. The mass mailing. Do you send your pages to multiple agents at a time, and show this by cc’ing 30 other names in your query? A cattle call query won’t make an agent think you’ve carefully researched the marketplace. If you have researched the marketplace, or met the agent…

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Teaser Tuesday

Note: This is an unedited snipped of my Work in Progress ‘Shattered Frost’. Enjoy!

“Wonderland?” Terrance whispered.

“How did they get to Wonderland?” Prince Ferdinand asked.

Terrance arched an eyebrow and smirked. “Remember who we’re dealing with.”

“Ah yes, Bianca Frost…Mistress of the Impossible.”

What Terrance really wanted to do was grab a sledge hammer and crack the floor open to see if perhaps

there was a rabbit hole hidden underneath all the concrete, but he knew that his efforts would be pointless. He

knew there was one man who knew a way into Wonderland. His father, William Connor.

© Liz DeJesus 2014

Read the first two books First Frost & Glass Frost.

Fairy Tale Fortnight Year Four

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Last year I had the honor and absolute pleasure of participating in Fairy Tale Fortnight with The Book Rat and A Backwards Story. Guess what? I’m doing it again this year!! So exciting!!

This is their fourth year celebrating the love of fairy tales and everything fairy tale related.

What exactly is Fairy Tale Fortnight? Fairy Tale Fortnight is a two-week event that takes place once a year. The focus of the event is fairy tale retellings and fairy tale-esque works. The two weeks will be jam-packed with reviews, interviews, guest posts, giveaways and all manner of awesome things!

Here are some links where First Frost is mentioned:

Wanna participate in Fairy Tale Fortnight? Sign up here!!

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