Achievement unlocked!

A few days ago someone posted First Frost’s 100th review on amazon. I think that’s a HUGE deal since it means that people have actually bought, read, enjoyed my book enough to leave a positive review. Although trust me, some people have given me a few stinky reviews (1-2 stars always suck) but more often than not I’ll see 4-5 star reviews which I read when I’m having a crappy day and that always makes me feel a lot better.

My goal always has been and always will be to write an entertaining story. Something that will help someone forget about life for a little while.
Anyway, since I’ve reached this milestone people have been asking me, how did I get 100 reviews on amazon?
I’ll tell you. Sit down, pay attention and take notes. šŸ˜‰
As of right now here are the stats:
First Frost:
Goodreads: 248 ratings & 106 reviews
Amazon: 100 reviews
Barnes & Noble (Nook): 15 reviews
Glass Frost:
Goodreads: 49 ratings & 28 reviews
Amazon: 23 reviews
Barnes & Noble (Nook): 8 reviews
1. I started promoting First Frost before it was even released. Why? Create a buzz for your book. You want people to wonder about this book. Check out excerpts. Make them wonder if it’s even any good.
2. Look at books that are similar to yours. What is the author doing right? What is the author doing wrong? What would you do differently. You need to come up with some kind of strategy to reach your target reader.
3. Yes, you do have a target reader. A mistake some authors make is that they assume their book is for everyone. It’s not. You can’t sell a fantasy novel to someone that reads only non-fiction. Think of the type of person that will enjoy your book. Where are they? Don’t know? Then find out where they are.
4. Use social media wisely. You can’t just share links to where people can purchase your book and expect all your friends to rush off and buy it. That’s not how it works. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Meaning? You actually have to be active and be…you know…social. LOL Get people talking. Engage. Reply to comments.
5. Research. I love bloggers and reviewers. I’m constantly emailing them and asking them if they would like to read and review my book. Follow the review policy. Be polite. Be nice. Ask them what format they prefer to read their books in. I try to accommodate them as much as possible. It takes a lot of time and effort to read and write an accurate review and then post it online.
6. Don’t expect overnight success. First Frost was published in June 2012. I’ve been promoting the same book for over a year. Why? I love this book. I believe in the story, the message and the characters. I’m emotionally invested in this series and want it to do well. A mistake some authors make is that they give up within a month or two of promoting a single book and move on to the next one. They expect things to happen overnight. Trust me, the authors you think are an overnight success have been working their butts off for a long, LONG time.
7. Patience. And more patience…oh and yeah….more patience.
8. Write faster. I’m pretty sure I’ll have carpel tunnel syndrome by the time I finish typing this sentence.
9. You have to believe in yourself.
10. Get others to believe in you as well. I’m constantly sharing other authors links on facebook and twitter. And I’m lucky enough that when I ask for help, others repay in kind. I’m very thankful to every single blogger, author, friend and family member that has taken a moment to share a link of mine or to participate in my blog tours. It’s not something that you can do completely on your own.


5 comments on “Achievement unlocked!

  1. Wonderful, Liz! And so true! You’re definitely using the Great Law (cause and effect) to your advantage! Wishing you continued success! Cheers!

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