Sample Sunday

I touched my chest, stomach and arms, which further confirmed what I already suspected. I was definitely a girl. I stared at my hands. They were petite. I had olive toned skin. My nails were short and oval shaped. I gazed upon the lines on the palm of my hands as though they were a map to my past. Something I could follow, that would lead me home. But all I saw were lines. My name didn’t magically appear. None of my questions were answered. I checked my clothes. And something caught my attention. On the left hand corner of my shirt there was something written on it. I twisted my neck until I was able to read the name ‘Penny’.
I said it out loud a few times.
My name is Penny. I feel like a Penny…that seemed right.
A waitress. That’s what I’m supposed to be. I was sure of it. I was supposed to work the lunch shift. I remembered the glow of the yellow-orange sun shining upon my skin.  I could still feel my ponytail swinging from side to side as I gave people their meals and drinks.
I stood up and then ducked as something zoomed above my head.
What was that?
I ran to the edge of the wall and pressed my back against it. I raised my arms to shield my head and face as blocks continued to whiz past me. Where the heck am I?

©  Liz DeJesus 2014


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