Book signings (Tips)

Writing this blog post so other authors might be able to use it in the future. This is what I do whenever I have a book signing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Although personally, most of these work for me. Good luck!

  1. Elevator pitch: It means that you need to know exactly what your book is about in 2 or 3 sentences. It’s hard and it takes some practice but if someone asks you what your book is about you can’t stumble. It has to be ready on the tip of your tongue 24/7. When someone asks me what First Frost is about, I’ll immediately say ‘It’s about a girl named Bianca, that helps her mother run a fairy tale themed museum. Then she discovers that all of the items in the museum are real and that she’s a witch. Her mother gets kidnapped and Bianca has to rescue her in a magical land called Everafter where all of the fairy tales originally took place.’ And even that’s a little long, but it keeps people by my table a little longer and it keeps them interested.
  2. Signs: You should have a banner, poster or a flyer of some sort at your table. Something eye catching that makes people look at your table. Thank goodness my publisher, Musa Publishing helps me design all of my stuff. All of my banners, bookmarks, flyers, lip balms, covers, etc. are all thanks to Kelly Shorten from Musa. I ❤ her forever. But if you’re self published and have no computer skills whatsoever ask for help from a friend that knows a little more than you do. People are always happy to help.
  3. Display: You can get plastic holders at Staples (seriously, I should buy stock from them since I spend so much money there). You can get business card holders too! The point is that you want your table to look professional. Prop up your book proudly, you want people to see it. But don’t over do it. One time I went to an author event and this lady was dressed up in a bright pink princess dress, with a tiara, neon pink feather boa and a magic wand. Her table was an explosion of pink and silver confetti. Overkill. Don’t be the crazy princess lady.
  4. Freebies: Bookmarks, stickers, business cards, anything that gets people to your table. I even had flavored lip balms made for Glass Frost with the cover on them. When I went to the Baltimore Comic Con in September they FLEW off the table.
  5. Smile: Believe me, you will have a headache at the end of the day from smiling so much, but no one is going to approach a person when they have a frown on their face.
  6. Be yourself: If you’re funny, smart and quirky then let your personality come forward.
  7. Be helpful: Even if someone isn’t exactly interested in your book they might still want some advice on writing or the publishing industry in general. Personally, I LOVE dispensing advice and helping other writers. Why? Because other authors have done it for me in the past and I believe in paying it forward.
  8. Ask: I always ask the manager if I can place my bookmarks throughout the store. If there’s a table or a bulletin board nearby trust me, my business cards or bookmarks are on them. I’ll even ask the cashiers to hand out bookmarks to customers when they pay for their items. The point is that even if someone doesn’t buy your book right that second, you want them to be curious enough at some point to check out your book.
  9. Pens: Bring lots of pens. Trust me. The last thing you want is to be an author without a pen. Bring a regular pen and a Sharphie marker, sometimes I’ll sign bookmarks for people and say things like ‘You never know. I might be famous some day. Hang on to it.’ People get a laugh out of it and wonder. Because, seriously…you never know. 😉
  10. Pay attention: If you have a customer at your table, smile, be present, actually listen to what they have to say.
  11. Have fun!!

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