Baltimore Comic Con

Words cannot express how much fun I had this past weekend. It was incredible. I actually met my new BFF Esther Wheelmaker on facebook and I wasn’t exactly sure how we’d get along once we met in person and I’m happy to say that we got along so incredibly well. I can’t wait to go to more conferences and conventions with her. We’re even planning on having a book signing together sometime next month.

Stuff I had at my table:

2. Stickers
3. Limited edition Glass Frost lip balms (strawberry flavored)
4. Business cards
5. And last but not least my two awesome books First Frost & Glass Frost. 

Comic Con3

My badge for the weekend. 😀

Comic Con7

My table and my super cute dress. 😀

Comic Con8

Me and my new BFF Esther Wheelmaker

Comic Con2

Darth Vader on Summer Vacation. 

Comic Con

Jem and Jerica from my favorite 80’s cartoon Jem.

Comic Con4

Pinkie Pie tagged along and kept me company. I think she has pretty good taste in books, don’t you think so? 

Comic Con6

I met my hero Terry Moore and he was so incredibly kind and gracious. He asked me to tell him about my book and was intrigued. I signed two of my books for him and he let me have one of his books from his table. And he SIGNED it for me!!! 😀

Comic Con5

Highlight of my life! And I’m going to do just that. I shall WRITE…because Terry Moore told me to do so. 😀 

Had so much fun, will definitely be going back again next year. 😀


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