Check list for Comic Con

Oh yeah! I’m going to the Baltimore Comic Con on September 7th and 8th. Got everything ready. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!!!!! I’m even on the official list on their site!! Go take a look. 😀 



rainbow dash gif

liz lemon

I’m also going to be there with another local author, Esther Wheelmaker. So check her out too! 

1. Super cute dress? CHECK!

2. Super cute headband? CHECK! (because I’m not going in costume but still wanna dress up a little bit)
donutella-headband-01_1 & headband_1 

3. Books? CHECK! & CHECK! I have about 75 copies of First Frost and 100 copies of Glass Frost. 

4. Got my banner.

5. Got 2 boxes of bookmarks. 

6. Lip balms! Muahahahaha! Oh yeah, I got limited edition, lip balms with the cover of Glass Frost on them for Comic Con only! I went a little crazy and ordered 100 of them. I might end up only taking about 80 to Comic Con because I keep giving them to people. Friends and family mostly. Still pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me. I got them at 😀

7. Business cards. 

8. Mini cards.

9. Stickers. 

10. A plan to find Stan Lee and Terry Moore and take a picture with either one of them. Although I’ll probably be more likely to find Terry Moore than Stan Lee. But he’s going to be at Comic Con. I’M GOING TO BE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS STAN LEE!!!!!!!!!!! Still can’t believe this is actually happening! 😀 

And to anyone that’s going to go to Comic Con Esther and I will be at table A 233. So be sure to look for us. 😀 

So excited! Can’t wait. I’m gonna go and happy dance some more.


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