Fairy Tale Friday

Today’s edition of Fairy Tale Friday I’m going to talk a little bit about the story The Princess and the Pea. As usual like a lot of the fairy tales I talk about my first encounter with this particular story was through Faerie Tale Theater. When I bought the DVD collection and watched them all over again I was struck with the image of the little pea inside the glass display case. This was the visual inspiration that helped me write First Frost. So this book was inspired by a lot of little things that helped me create the world Bianca lives in at the moment. I loved the idea of having fairy tale items that you could visit.

I actually found the first 6 minutes of that episode if you guys wanna check it out real quick. You can definitely close your eyes and imagine Bianca and Rose working in a place similar to that. http://youtu.be/PjnEB1ot3SQ (youtube.com doesn’t have the embedded code so you’ll have to go to that link to watch that particular clip).

The Princess and the Pea is the story of a young princess that is caught in a terrible thunderstorm and goes to a nearby castle seeking shelter. (FYI This story was written by Hans Christian Andersen.) The Queen doesn’t believe the young girl when she tells her that she’s a real princess. So the Queen decides to ‘test’ her by putting a tiny little pea at the bottom of many mattresses. I always thought that was a little crazy but that’s just me. Anyway it turned out that the princess did feel the pea and she passed the Queen’s test. And because she’s a real princess she’s allowed to marry the Queen’s son the prince.

This is the cliffnotes version I found on Wikipedia:

The story tells of a prince who wants to marry a princess, but is having difficulty finding a suitable wife. Something is always wrong with those he meets, and he cannot be certain they are real princesses. One stormy night (always a harbinger of either a life-threatening situation or the opportunity for a romantic alliance in Andersen’s stories),[1] a young woman drenched with rain seeks shelter in the prince’s castle. She claims to be a princess, so the prince’s mother decides to test their unexpected guest by placing a pea in the bed she is offered for the night, covered by 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. In the morning the guest tells her hosts—in a speech colored with double entendres[1]—that she endured a sleepless night, kept awake by something hard in the bed; which she is certain has bruised her. The prince rejoices. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding. The two are married, and the pea is placed in the Royal Museum.
A bed piled high with mattresses.

Check list for Comic Con

Oh yeah! I’m going to the Baltimore Comic Con on September 7th and 8th. Got everything ready. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!!!!! I’m even on the official list on their site!! Go take a look. 😀 



rainbow dash gif

liz lemon

I’m also going to be there with another local author, Esther Wheelmaker. So check her out too! 

1. Super cute dress? CHECK!

2. Super cute headband? CHECK! (because I’m not going in costume but still wanna dress up a little bit)
donutella-headband-01_1 & headband_1

3. Books? CHECK! & CHECK! I have about 75 copies of First Frost and 100 copies of Glass Frost. 

4. Got my banner.

5. Got 2 boxes of bookmarks. 

6. Lip balms! Muahahahaha! Oh yeah, I got limited edition, lip balms with the cover of Glass Frost on them for Comic Con only! I went a little crazy and ordered 100 of them. I might end up only taking about 80 to Comic Con because I keep giving them to people. Friends and family mostly. Still pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me. I got them at ebeehoney.com. 😀

7. Business cards. 

8. Mini cards.

9. Stickers. 

10. A plan to find Stan Lee and Terry Moore and take a picture with either one of them. Although I’ll probably be more likely to find Terry Moore than Stan Lee. But he’s going to be at Comic Con. I’M GOING TO BE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS STAN LEE!!!!!!!!!!! Still can’t believe this is actually happening! 😀 

And to anyone that’s going to go to Comic Con Esther and I will be at table A 233. So be sure to look for us. 😀 

So excited! Can’t wait. I’m gonna go and happy dance some more.


Fairy Tale Friday

On today’s edition of Fairy Tale Friday I’m going to talk about one of my absolute favorite books…Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. If my husband were here right now he’d argue that it’s not a fairy tale, it’s a children’s book. But he’s not here so to me it’s a fairy tale.

I remember watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland when I was a little girl but I didn’t read until I found it at the library when I was nine or ten years old. I remember being captivated by this odd little girl that was trapped in a strange land. My absolute favorite Wonderland character was The Cheshire Cat, closely followed by The Caterpillar. I think it had something to do with the fact that he became a butterfly after talking to Alice. Anyway I remember being a little frightened of the Mad Hatter. To this day I don’t know why maybe because he was so argumentative with Alice or it could be the way that I perceived him when I read it the first time (I was little).

I also enjoyed the original illustrations by John Tenniel more than the Disney version (See? I was picky even then). Oh! Here’s a neat little tid bit…I’m using Alice in Wonderland in book #3 of the Frost Series. 🙂 Muahahahahahaha!!! Bet you’re dying to find out what happens to Bianca, aren’t you? Of course you are! 😀

What’s your favorite aspect of Alice in Wonderland?

Anyway here’s a short summary of the story according to wikipedia:

Chapter 1 – Down the Rabbit HoleAlice is feeling bored while sitting on the riverbank with her sister, when she notices a talking, clothed White Rabbit with a pocket watch run past. She follows it down a rabbit hole when suddenly she falls a long way to a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. She finds a small key to a door too small for her to fit through, but through it she sees an attractive garden. She then discovers a bottle on a table labelled “DRINK ME”, the contents of which cause her to shrink too small to reach the key which she has left on the table. A cake with “EAT ME” on it causes her to grow to such a tremendous size her head hits the ceiling.

Chapter 2 – The Pool of Tears: Alice is unhappy and cries as her tears flood the hallway. After shrinking down again due to a fan she had picked up, Alice swims through her own tears and meets a Mouse, who is swimming as well. She tries to make small talk with him in elementary French (thinking he may be a French mouse) but her opening gambit “Où est ma chatte?” (that is “Where is my cat?”) offends the mouse.

Chapter 3 – The Caucus Race and a Long Tale: The sea of tears becomes crowded with other animals and birds that have been swept away by the rising waters. Alice and the other animals convene on the bank and the question among them is how to get dry again. The Mouse gives them a very dry lecture onWilliam the Conqueror. A Dodo decides that the best thing to dry them off would be a Caucus-Race, which consists of everyone running in a circle with no clear winner. Alice eventually frightens all the animals away, unwittingly, by talking about her (moderately ferocious) cat.

Chapter 4 – The Rabbit Sends a Little Bill: The White Rabbit appears again in search of the Duchess’s gloves and fan. Mistaking her for his maidservant, Mary Ann, he orders Alice to go into the house and retrieve them, but once she gets inside she starts growing. The horrified Rabbit orders his gardener, Bill the Lizard, to climb on the roof and go down the chimney. Outside, Alice hears the voices of animals that have gathered to gawk at her giant arm. The crowd hurls pebbles at her, which turn into little cakes. Alice eats them, and they reduce her again in size.

Chapter 5 – Advice from a Caterpillar: Alice comes upon a mushroom and sitting on it is a blue Caterpillar smoking ahookah. The Caterpillar questions Alice and she admits to her current identity crisis, compounded by her inability to remember a poem. Before crawling away, the caterpillar tells Alice that one side of the mushroom will make her taller and the other side will make her shorter. She breaks off two pieces from the mushroom. One side makes her shrink smaller than ever, while another causes her neck to grow high into the trees, where a pigeon mistakes her for a serpent. With some effort, Alice brings herself back to her usual height. She stumbles upon a small estate and uses the mushroom to reach a more appropriate height.

Chapter 6 – Pig and Pepper: A Fish-Footman has an invitation for theDuchess of the house, which he delivers to a Frog-Footman. Alice observes this transaction and, after a perplexing conversation with the frog, lets herself into the house. The Duchess’s Cook is throwing dishes and making a soup that has too much pepper, which causes Alice, the Duchess, and her baby (but not the cook or grinning Cheshire Cat) to sneeze violently. Alice is given the baby by the Duchess and to her surprise, the baby turns into a pig. The Cheshire Cat appears in a tree, directing her to the March Hare‘s house. He disappears but his grin remains behind to float on its own in the air prompting Alice to remark that she has often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat.

Chapter 7 – A Mad Tea-Party: Alice becomes a guest at a “mad” tea party along with the March Hare, the Hatter, and a very tired Dormouse who falls asleep frequently, only to be violently woken up moments later by the March Hare and theHatter. The characters give Alice many riddles and stories, including the famous ‘Why is a raven like a writing desk?‘. The Hatter reveals that they have tea all day because Time has punished him by eternally standing still at 6 pm (tea time). Alice becomes insulted and tired of being bombarded with riddles and she leaves claiming that it was the stupidest tea party that she had ever been to.

Alice trying to playcroquetwith a Flamingo.

Chapter 8 – The Queen’s Croquet Ground: Alice leaves the tea party and enters the garden where she comes upon three living playing cards painting the white roses on a rose tree red because The Queen of Hearts hates white roses. A procession of more cards, kings and queens and even the White Rabbit enters the garden. Alice then meets the King and Queen. The Queen, a figure difficult to please, introduces her trademark phrase “Off with his head!” which she utters at the slightest dissatisfaction with a subject. Alice is invited (or some might say ordered) to play a game of croquet with the Queen and the rest of her subjects but the game quickly descends into chaos. Live flamingos are used as mallets and hedgehogs as balls and Alice once again meets the Cheshire Cat. The Queen of Hearts then orders the Cat to be beheaded, only to have her executioner complain that this is impossible since the head is all that can be seen of him. Because the cat belongs to the Duchess, the Queen is prompted to release the Duchess from prison to resolve the matter.

Chapter 9 – The Mock Turtle’s Story: The Duchess is brought to the croquet ground at Alice’s request. She ruminates on finding morals in everything around her. The Queen of Hearts dismisses her on the threat of execution and she introduces Alice to theGryphon, who takes her to the Mock Turtle. The Mock Turtle is very sad, even though he has no sorrow. He tries to tell his story about how he used to be a real turtle in school, which the Gryphon interrupts so they can play a game.

Chapter 10 – Lobster Quadrille: The Mock Turtle and the Gryphon dance to the Lobster Quadrille, while Alice recites (rather incorrectly) “‘Tis the Voice of the Lobster“. The Mock Turtle sings them “Beautiful Soup” during which the Gryphon drags Alice away for an impending trial.

Chapter 11 – Who Stole the Tarts?: Alice attends a trial whereby the Knave of Hearts is accused of stealing the Queen’s tarts. The jury is composed of various animals, including Bill the Lizard, the White Rabbit is the court’s trumpeter, and the judge is the King of Hearts. During the proceedings, Alice finds that she is steadily growing larger. The dormouse scolds Alice and tells her she has no right to grow at such a rapid pace and take up all the air. Alice scoffs and calls the dormouse’s accusation ridiculous because everyone grows and she cannot help it. Meanwhile, witnesses at the trial include the Hatter, who displeases and frustrates the King through his indirect answers to the questioning, and the Duchess’s cook.

Chapter 12 – Alice’s Evidence: Alice is then called up as a witness. She accidentally knocks over the jury box with the animals inside them and the King orders the animals be placed back into their seats before the trial continues. The King and Queen order Alice to be gone, citing Rule 42 (“All persons more than a mile high to leave the court”), but Alice disputes their judgement and refuses to leave. She argues with the King and Queen of Hearts over the ridiculous proceedings, eventually refusing to hold her tongue. The Queen shouts her familiar “Off with her head!” but Alice is unafraid, calling them out as just a pack of cards; just as they start to swarm over her. Alice’s sister wakes her up for tea, brushing what turns out to be some leaves and not a shower of playing cards from Alice’s face. Alice leaves her sister on the bank to imagine all the curious happenings for herself.