Zombie Ever After ~ Teaser

Note: This is an unedited excerpt of my work in progress Zombie Ever After.

“Come here little bunny. I won’t hurt you,” Neve whispered in a sweet tone of voice.
                It was a small rabbit. Light brown with a pink nose that twitched as it sniffed the carrot Neve had placed as bait. It was probably the runt of the litter, either that or it was starving. Neve took a deep breath and forced her aching body to sit still even though all she wanted to do was kick the tree behind her in frustration. The rabbit hopped forward, getting closer to the miniscule carrot. It was the only one that they had been able to grow in their poor excuse of a garden, so Neve cut it up into several pieces and used it as bait for rabbits.
                Neve grinned when the rabbit was within her reach. In a flash she had the rabbit by the scruff of its neck and snapped it before it could offer any form of struggle.
                “Bunny stew…is what’s for dinner,” Neve said as she stuffed her prize in the sack. It would keep the other rabbit and the quail company. Neve pushed a blue button on her shoulder and called back her seven search droids. She worked with them every day to make sure there weren’t any infected people in the area while she searched for clean water and uninfected game. Last thing she and her friends needed was to get sick from food. Or worse.
                She got up and headed to the compound. Her droids faithfully zipped up and lined up behind her. 

©  Liz DeJesus 2013


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