Reviews and stuff

All right….since First Frost exploded on people have been reading the book and leaving reviews like crazy. And I will use Zooey Deschanel GIFs to tell you all how I feel so here goes nothing. 

The highest First Frost made it was #10 on the Amazon Free on Kindle list.


I sat up and took notice. I couldn’t believe it. People actually gave a crap about my book. And why wouldn’t they? My book is awesome. 

The next day people actually PAID for the book. People were actually purchasing copies of my book! I was all like WOOHOOO! Finally. It took me a whole entire year of being a pain in the ass promoting it. 

Then the reviews started trickling in. And believe me, I love reviewers, they are an indie authors bread and butter, but now it’s the big leagues….now it’s actual readers leaving reviews.

And so far it’s been pretty positive. 


Most people just love Terrance and Prince Ferdinand. They’re adorable! Of course people love them. 

But then I’ll come across a not so good review. And it makes me want to crawl in my bed, and cry under the covers. 

zoey crying

This is the good/bad thing about putting yourself out there. You’re opening yourself up to criticism (WOOHOOO! Spelled it correctly on my first try!) and sometimes it makes me wonder whether I really want to stay on this crazy ass path I’m on. I mean, I love writing but sometimes it’s…you know…hard. LOL I’m sort of obsessing over goodreads and amazon because I keep checking the rank and the reviews and everything else. I wish I could just turn off the internet. And trust me…I try…but then it’s on my phone and on my tablet. It’s EVERYWHERE. I can’t get away from the internet. Seriously. I can’t. Sigh. 

But the good news is that so far everyone’s enjoying my book. Which is a relief because I still have a few more stops to go before I’m finally finished with my book tour. It ends with the Book Festival after that I’m taking a break. This is getting insane. 

One last GIF before I go. 😉 



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