Nina ~ Girl

Once upon a time…I wrote a little novella titled Nina. I loved this book oh so very much. It’s the story of a girl that lives inside a painting and the things she sees while living inside the canvas. At the time (2005) it was my most ambitious piece of work. I spent some time looking for publishers and agents. I even got a personalized letter from an editor at a prominent (but small) publisher telling me to not give up on this book because it was a lovely story. The reason he passed on it was because they weren’t looking for fantasy/magical realism type books at the time.

Anyway I stumbled upon Blu Phi’er Publishing. I saw that one of the authors on their site was a local Delaware author. So I contacted him through MySpace (it was really popular at the time) and asked him how things were going there. He said he liked working with the publisher so I figured I’d take a chance and submit Nina to them. Long story short they loved the book and sent me a contract. I read through it and didn’t really pay attention to the fine print. They wanted LIFE RIGHTS to my book. Meaning that they would keep the novel FOREVER. Most publishers give the rights back to the author after a few years. This is why I always tell new authors to READ THEIR CONTRACTS.


The novel didn’t go through edits. They had someone basically run a spell check and published my book. At least I had some say on the cover. I hired my dear friend ladytairngire ‘s niece to design the cover for me and I loved it. 🙂 But after the bad experience I had with them I just can’t look at the book the same way I used to. So I’m finally doing something about it. Technically they’re in a breach of contract since I haven’t seen a penny for my book since it’s been published. They never kept any of the promises stated on the contract and they refused to contact me (trust me I’ve sent multiple emails throughout the years). So I found the original manuscript for Nina, hired my dear friend and editor Shonell Bacon and got a new cover for it.


Got the cover from K.C. Designs. Isn’t it beautiful? Got it today! I saw it on her facebook page and asked her about the price and boom! Had a cover in less than ten minutes. And this was the extra push I needed to finally go through the edits and get the ball rollin’ again. Still have no idea what the exact release date of the book will be, but when she’s ready you’ll all know. 🙂

My ‘girl’ will get a second chance. Nothin’ wrong with that, right?


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