Fairy Tale Friday

When I was little my mom bought this book for me. It’s titled Cinderella and other tales from Perrault, illustrated by Michael Hague.

charles perrault

I read this book to DEATH. It’s also one of the main reasons I love fairy tales so much (that and watching Faerie Tale Theater by Shelley Duval). Anyway out of all the stories I read in that particular book, the one that stayed with me the most was The Fairies aka Toads and Diamonds.

This is what I found on wikipedia:

A bad-tempered old widow had two daughters, her older daughter was disagreeable and proud but looked and behaved like her mother, and therefore was her favourite child. She and her eldest daughter badly mistreated the woman’s younger daughter, who was sweet, courteous, and beautiful, but resembled her late father.

One day while drawing water from the well, an old woman asked for a drink of water. The girl politely consented and after giving it, she found that the woman was a fairy, who had taken the guise of a crone to test the character of mortals. As the girl was so kind and compassionate toward her, the fairy blessed her with having either a jewel, a diamond or a pretty flower fall from her mouth whenever she spoke.

Upon arriving home and explaining why she took so long to her mother, the widow was delighted at the sight of diamonds,pearls and roses falling from the girl’s lips, and desired that her favoured eldest daughter, Fanny, should have the gift as well. Fanny protested, but the widow forcibly sent her to the well with instruction to act kindly toward an old beggar woman. Fanny set off but the fairy appeared as a fine princess, and requested that the girl draw her a drink from the well. The elder daughter spoke rudely to the fairy and insulted her. The fairy decreed that, as punishment for her despicable attitude, either a toad or a snake would fall from Fanny’s mouth whenever she spoke.

When Fanny arrived home, she told her story to her mother and disgusting toads and vipers fell from her mouth with each word. The widow, in a fury, drove her younger daughter out of the house. In the woods, she met a king’s son, who fell in love with her and married her. In time, even the widow was sickened by her older daughter, and drove her out, and she died alone and miserable in the woods.




I use these characters in my book Glass Frost. Although I switched the names because Fanny was such a cute name for the good daughter and Elda was such a serious name that I decided to give it to the wicked daughter. And trust me once you get to know them you’ll understand why I did that. I also use these characters in the short story I’m writing for my guild’s anthology. Trust me…if I can pull it off it’s gonna be an awesome story. 😀


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