New Review of First Frost ~ A Backwards Story



New review of First Frost for Fairy Tale Fortnight!

If you love fairy tales as much as I do, when you finish reading FIRST FROST, you’re going to be a little bit devastated.  This is the same sense of ugly-weeping that comes from realizing you will never have a library as beautiful as the one Beast gives Beauty.  It’s tangible sadness.  Why?  The book’s main character, Bianca, works in her mother’s Museum of Magical and Rare Artifacts…which is a fancy way of saying fairy tale museum. How amazing would it be to have a fairy tale museum in town?  And themed rooms such as the Princess Room, where weekly story times for children take place?  Going to the Narnia exhibit a few years ago was incredible, even though it wasn’t “real,” and I know I’d have the same feeling in a fairy tale museum.  It would be even cooler if, like in FIRST FROST, the artifacts in the museum were real. From a red cape to a brick from a Little Pig’s house to a sample of Rapunzel’s hair, there are many dangerous items hiding in plain sight.

Read the rest of the review here.


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